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Girl Name Start Alphabet ‘V’ Indian Girl Baby Names. We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Indian Girl Baby Names along with its meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The table below gives a list of Hindu names, for every alphabet along with its English meanings for a girl baby.

Trying to choose a name for your beloved daughter is nothing that it seems like. Knowing the various Indian baby girl names with Hindu modern meaning that can be properly understood poses itself as the first obstacle. Nevertheless, there are ways around that as well. Figuring out the origins of the name can provide a good idea what they might mean. Which is why it works to your benefit to look for a list of names that can provide them both and then make a properly informed choice.

In order to help you find a perfect Indian name for baby girl, we’ve prepared a list with the most popular baby girl names in India. Check it out!

Those adorable tiny feet, big rosy cheeks, and everything in between deserve a unique Indian baby name. Muddled about a newborn baby girl name?

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Girl Name Start Alphabet ‘V’

Girl Name Start Alphabet

Girl name start with V

Vanya – gracious gift of God

Vedika – consciousnesses

Vaidehi – Name of Sita

Vanika – Sita

Vasanti – Spring festival, Durga

Vaijayanti – A garland of Lord Vishnu

Vaijanti Flag, Name of a flower

Vaishali – An ancient city of India

Vaishavi – Goddess Parvati

Vajra – Diamond

Vallari – Goddess Parvati, creeper

Valli – Creeper

Vama – Woman

Vamaksi – Fair eyed

Varada – Goddess Lakshmi

Varda – Increasing

Varnika – Fine gold

Varsha – Rain

Vasudha – The earth

Vasundhara – The earth

Veda – Famous

Vedasri – One who Knows All Vedas

Veena – Lute

Vibha – Night

Vibhavari – Starry night

Vidhi – The way

Vidyashree – Knowledge

Vijeta – Victorious

Vilasini – Playful

Veena – Musical instrument

Veera – Brave Girl

Vidhi – Fearless

Vijaya – Win

Vishakha – Star

Vrunda – Radha’s Name



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